Landing Page Best Practices to Maximize Conversion Rates

A landing page is an optimized page focused on a specific offer. It is called a landing page since it is where users interested in a given topic are meant arrive on a site (i.e., “land.”). Whether a landing page is the first page seen depends on SEO.

Regardless of when users reach a landing page, it is essential to success.

The landing page presents users with a chance to convert for an offer. Sales pages dedicated to one product are landing pages, but so are pages intended to entice users into joining a social media community or subscribing to a mailing list.

Landing page conversion rate is a decisive factor in achieving business goals online.

If you worry your landing pages aren’t reaching their potential, use these tips.

1. Simplify

The simpler your landing page is, the more effective it is likely to be. Virtually all landing pages do away with the site’s main navigation. The only thing to click on should be your CTA buttons.

2. Use Hierarchy

How you organize information shapes how people understand it. The most important text or images should be at the top, requiring no scrolling. This helps visitors remember your key points.

3. Add Scarcity

A landing page must overcome inertia in your leads. If they feel like they can take action any old time, they never will. A timer or inventory countdown motivates them make the buy right away.

Landing Page Best Practices to Maximize Conversion Rates 4. Improve CTAs

Not only must you have a good CTA, but you must present it well. In most cases, effective CTAs use a big button with contrasting colors. The CTA should appear before each new subheading on the page.

5. Optimize Your Headline

The top headline is arguably the most influential aspect of any landing page. Dedicate plenty of research and effort into crafting a powerful headline. Look here first if the page underperforms.

6. Add Social Proof

Social proof reduces the risk people feel as they make a purchase. The landing page is a perfect place to show comments from satisfied customers. Place them on the shopping cart page, too.

7. Implement Exit Intent Popups

Exit intent popups appear to the user when he or she moves the mouse to exit the page. With a slight adjustment or even a restatement of the offer, you can re-capture a reader’s interest.

8. A/B Test Everything (Yes, Everything!)

Unless you are collecting data, you cannot be sure you are moving in the right direction. Split testing will show you which page innovations increase your conversion rate, letting you iterate.

Optimizing landing pages should always be a high priority. The modest gains you make through each small improvement will gradually add up to big sales.