How to Build an Email Marketing List

An email marketing list is one of the most effective lead generation tools you can have. Not only can you catalyze sales, but you’ll also build a strong relationship with leads while they are deciding which solution works best for them.

When executed correctly, email marketing campaigns have tremendous ROI. The larger the list, the more revenue it can generate. Whether you’re contacting ten people or ten thousand, your only upfront cost is the software that helps manage your list.

Here’s how to get started with an email marketing list:

1.Pick Good Email Automation Software

There are several different email automation services you can find on the Web. They are used by everyone from enterprise class clients with thousands of subscribers to bloggers. When you are first starting out, ease of use and list segmentation are key considerations.

2.Develop a Powerful B2B “Lead Magnet”

Leads need a strong reason to join any email list. For B2B firms, that comes in the form of a lead magnet: a detailed, well-researched piece of content, such as an e-book. Your lead magnet must be a subscriber only benefit and should provide insights readers can use right away.

How to Build an Email Marketing List

3. Put Lead Capture Forms on Your Content

Not everyone who visits your site will join your list. Maximize your opportunity to get attention from qualified leads by ensuring every blog post on your site is tied into your strategy. Just keep this in mind: Web content leads to email, email leads to purchases.

4.Write a Personalized Onboarding Email

Every time someone new joins your list, they should receive an email message welcoming them on board and sharing any information you’d like them to know. Personalize this using first name customization and highlight your most valuable resources.

5. Drip Content to Subscribers Long-Term

B2B is notorious for its long sales cycles. Once you establish the frequency of your emails – usually once a week, never less than once a month – stick to your schedule. Frequently sharing valuable, informative content will establish you as a leader in your field.

An email list is one of the best ways to act on your knowledge of your leads and customers. It may take only a few days to set up, but it can transform your bottom line.

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