Building Your Brand With Facebook

With well over a billion active users monthly, Facebook is one of the most important social media networks for digital marketing. Unfortunately, enterprises often set up a Facebook page and then fail to leverage it. brand-bigA good business page attracts leads and ignites a lively conversation around your brand – an empty one can make you seem bland and untrustworthy.

An active Facebook page gives prospects and devoted supporters a place to get news, information, and bargains. Coupled with a strategic vision for content marketing and community management, it provides unparalleled opportunities to meet new clients while cross-selling and upselling existing ones. As with so much of digital marketing, consistent effort is the key to building your brand with Facebook.

Shareable Content is Key to Maximizing Your Facebook Presence

Social media users are always hunting for interesting information to share with their friends and contacts. The ability to find, amplify, and curate “sharable” content helps users strengthen their reputation as “influencers.” While some users will share virtually anything, a business needs to tap into sophisticated, targeted sharers to expand its reach.That means a consistent schedule of shareable content! Since it takes only one-tenth of a second to understand a visual scene and people recall about 80% of what they see, images are one way to connect with users in the handful of seconds they use to decide whether or not to share your content.

If you want to maximize engagement, it’s also crucial to use video marketing. To compete in 2015 and beyond, you should be building video content on a branded YouTube channel; Facebook helps multiply ROI from those efforts. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook expects to see – and will focus on – growth in video marketing in the coming years.

likethumbFacebook Boosted Posts Amplify Your Voice Further

Having plenty of organic content provides you with a chance to use Facebook’s “Boosted Post” feature. Boosting a post expands its reach in a straightforward, simple way, while still providing valuable targeting options – for example: Fans, friends of fans, users with certain interests, and users who meet demographic criteria.

Setting up a boosted post is quicker and less expensive than structuring an ad campaign. It provides immediate gains in the reach of timely content you’d like to highlight. This makes it appropriate for giving shareable content a little extra “umph”, and making it more likely you’ll garner “digital word of mouth” for your best content.

A large percentage of businesses aren’t using their Facebook page to their advantage, but it’s never too late to get started! It takes consistent effort to ensure that your best Web content is being shared on Facebook, and the ROI can be exponential.