How Businesses are Profitably Using Social Media in 2017

With about 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook alone, social media can seem pretty crowded. Still, there are many exciting ways for businesses to use social to amplify their brand voice and connect with customers.

Now that there are more people on social than ever before, the key to getting your message heard is adapting it to the medium: Using each platform according to its special features and the unique opportunities it offers.

Let’s look at some of the most effective ways businesses are using social media today:

Twitter: Brand Management and Customer Service

When people want to complain about a product or service, Twitter is a likely way for them to vent their spleen. Luckily, they will often hashtag complaints in telling ways or even @ the company involved. This allows you to de-escalate the situation and start a conversation that can turn them from just plain raving to raving fan.

Facebook: General-Purpose Pages and Groups

Your company’s Facebook page is one of its most visible online artifacts, but its usefulness doesn’t end there. Brands have found many creative ways to use public and private Facebook groups. You can educate prospects, help current customers one-on-one with their questions and concerns, or even host a “mastermind” group for your advanced users.

LinkedIn: Thought Leadership

LinkedIn remains the top social media resource for B2B sales, giving you an “all in one” stop for prospecting and building relationships. Many companies with sophisticated offerings have had great success establishing their own private LinkedIn Groups, which they then use to disseminate helpful and informative content that educates buyers about solutions.

social media for businessInstagram: Authenticity and “Behind the Scenes” Content

In the blink of an eye, Instagram rose out of obscurity to become one of the top platforms on the Web for visual content. It’s much beloved by Millennials, who are even more focused on finding brands that truly resonate with them. Combine creativity and beauty with an inspiring message and a little whimsy – you could find thousands of consumers eager to follow your feed.

YouTube: Webinars and Other Video Content

The explosive growth of mobile bandwidth has made it easier than ever for customers to access videos from the comfort of their favorite handheld device. B2B buyers have enthusiastically embraced mobile as a way to do product research during flights, commutes, and other downtime. Useful video content can make a tremendous difference in your sales efforts.

When it comes to social media, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Everyone will have their own best practices when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, and the rest. Use analytics to keep an eye on engagement and you’ll soon know which network is the best for you.