Finding and Capitalizing on Your Most High-Value Keywords

When it comes to your digital marketing, keywords hold everything together.

A healthy flow of organic search traffic is a pillar of digital strategy for most B2B brands. Organic traffic is less expensive than paid traffic, and once you have a consistent approach, it is responsive to your efforts over time.

But it all starts with keywords. They drive visibility and help you ensure that, from the start, your efforts are targeted to the right customer questions and pain points.

As your strategy becomes more sophisticated, you’re naturally going to focus on more keywords. Sooner or later, it’ll be impossible to know intuitively which ones add the most to your business.

So, how can you find your high-value keywords?

Shining a Spotlight on High-Value Keywords

It’s easy to suspect keywords driving the most traffic to your site are the profitable ones. To truly know, however, it’s vital to use analytics data and dig into what becomes of that traffic. Does it convert? If so, how many of those conversions lead to sales?

Most organic search traffic will lead visitors to a page where they can sign up for a lead magnet and subscribe to your list. One accurate way to determine profitability of individual keywords, therefore, is to rank them according to their initial conversion rate.

Once you’ve got that rate, you still don’t necessarily know which keywords contribute money to your bottom line. You can go deeper using advanced analytics – monitoring individual users to see what their ultimate outcome is. However, this isn’t always essential.

As keywords attract users to different pages and offers, their value will change. Be sure you know where searches are leading your users and optimize each page to drive business results.

high-value keywordsMaking Your High-Value Keywords Work Harder

It’s never too late to turn good keywords into even better ones:

Split Test Your Keywords’ Landing Pages

Long-term split testing will help you win more conversions from a page without having to re-engineer it in fundamental ways. Relatively small tweaks can add dozens of conversions a year.

Bid Aggressively on RLSAs

RLSAs – Remarketing Lists for Search Ads – allow you to target Web users who visited your site in the past. These ads get attention due to deep customization and “stickiness,” raising CTR.

Add Incremental Traffic with Bing

Many marketers overlook Bing, which too easily falls into the role of “Brand X” search engine. Remember, though, that you can replicate much of your Google keyword success on Bing, too.

Organic keyword visibility is a huge victory for your SEO strategy. To get lasting value, however, it’s key to monitor your keywords and maintain timely, effective landing pages. These methods will help you do it.