Content Marketing Tips

content-marketing-tipsContent marketing is growing more vital to business success. As sales cycles get even longer, B2B decision-makers are consuming more content – 47% consume 3-5 pieces of content before they ever contact a salesperson. 51% rely strongly or even exclusively on Web content. Content with firm data and expert analysis is becoming more persuasive as a result.

Here’s how to adjust your strategy for a changing world of better, more abundant content:

Focus on Authoritative Content

As Marshall McLuhan said, “the medium is the message.” Today, one 400-word blog post is often not sufficient to cut through the clutter and make prospects pay attention. The forms you choose for your content should reinforce their purpose and meaning: Whitepapers for detailed analysis, case studies for visitors who are nearing a purchase decision, and videos for a hands-on view, for example.

Build a Base of Evergreen Materials

Timely content may be the most likely to go viral, but evergreen videos and articles – those that deal with common, ongoing problems new prospects are always facing – is the launch pad for any good content strategy. Evergreen materials encourage users to explore your site and read more. Plus, they can be aligned with organic search keywords to help raise your profile in search engines.


Use Sections and Accessible Language

It’s long been understood that people don’t generally read on the Internet: They skim. They are only likely to engage fully with the bits and pieces of your content most relevant to them – and only they decide what those are. Make it easy for them by using things like subheaders, lists, and infographic images. Keep language easy to understand and interpret quickly.

Tackle One Major Idea Per Piece

Readers don’t have time to act on every idea they encounter – even good ideas. In an article with ten new concepts, they’re likely to focus on just one or two. While this might seem to reduce the impact of list posts and other popular formats, the opposite is true: Used correctly, these posts can help draw users down into more focused content that resonates with them.

Amplify Your Content Marketing Strategy by Collaborating with Influencers

It’s easy for business owners to see themselves as “islands” adrift in a sea of competitors. In the online space, however, this idea can be fatal. Influencers who already have a dedicated following among an audience of your ideal customers can spread your content. An endorsement from a known influencer makes prospects who don’t know your brand more likely to explore it.

In today’s fast-paced, information-driven world, content marketing is here to stay. It should be a key part of your marketing efforts, no matter what industry you’re in.