CTA Best Practices

cta-best-practicesYour call to action – or CTA – may be the most important part of any landing page you design. People who read your headline are likely to read your CTA as well, and the strength of that one aspect of your page may determine if they convert.

The basic purpose of a CTA is to communicate a clear, concise, compelling directive to the user: A good CTA tells exactly what to do next. When a CTA is absent or unclear, conversion rates drop even among people who are interested in the offer.

In modern digital marketing, the CTA is often written right on the button the user must click to execute the desired action. It can be as simple as “Get it now!” – but this is not always the most effective route. Like headlines, they are very diverse.

Consider these best practices:

1 Action-Oriented

No matter how well the rest of your copy communicates the details of your offer, your CTA has to reinforce what will happen. Phrases like “Receive a free quote” or “Get exclusive access” start with a verb and tell the user what to expect.

2 Talk to “Me”

It might seem intuitive that if you’re talking directly to your audience, you’d use “you” – and in many cases, this is considered the best practice. Studies have shown, however, that using “me” and “my” in CTAs can lead to significant increases in clickthrough.

3 Incorporate Urgency

If people feel like they have forever to make a decision, they might just take it. Getting users to act now is essential, since there’s no guarantee they’ll ever come back. Limited time offers with a set deadline or inventory limits on physical products are both great for this.


4 Use Proof

As they scan down your landing page, readers all look for proof that your product or offer will help them. Social evidence such as testimonials or reviews help them see “people like them” endorse you. Money-back guarantees help reduce their risk and challenge their objections.

5 Visually Distinct

If it’s possible to miss or overlook your CTA, it isn’t quite ready for prime time. A good CTA uses contrasting colors and other visual elements to draw immediate attention. It should stand out from the page, even if the user hasn’t stopped to read any of the surrounding text.

Because CTAs are so crucial, optimizing them can significantly improve a landing page’s performance. Setting up a simple A/B test for your CTA can be a quick and high-impact way to make your page work harder in a short time!