Getting Started With AdWords Editor

adwords-editor2For those who want to quickly and easily access all the features AdWords offers, there’s an alternative to the Web interface: AdWords Editor.

Now on its 11th release build, AdWords Editor has been marketed as a solution for power users managing multiple campaigns. It’s a free, standalone application that provides robust AdWords capabilities even without an active Internet connection.

The most recent version remains in step with Google’s innovations. It provides access to new Callout Extension functionality and support for the latest HTML5 display ads.

Getting started is simple: All you have to do is download the application and link it to your AdWords account. After setup, you can use it on Windows and Mac mobile and desktop devices, save changes, and implement them at your convenience.

Some major advantages are:

1 Flexibility of Offline Editing

AdWords Editor is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be able to make changes to their campaigns while on a long commute or flight. As soon as you access a secure connection, you can instantly update your campaign. Because everything takes place right on your device, you never have to worry about the program slowing down.

2 Easy Import and Export

AdWords pros have long understood the benefits of using CSV files to make big changes to their account. A CSV is a great way to centralize a large number of changes, such as adjustments to keyword bids. Any version of Excel can generate a compatible CSV, so there’s no need to delve into complicated scripting if you don’t wish to.

3 Quick Access to High-Level Changes

AdWords Editor comes packed with a special Advanced Changes menu that’s a little more intuitive than the Web interface. You can quickly search and replace fields whether you’re looking for ad text or display addresses. There’s even a special tool to raise or lower keyword bids by percentage.

4 Eliminate Duplicates and Spot Problem Keywords

No matter what your AdWords strategy might be, there’s never a reason to have duplicate keywords – they can drag down Quality Scores fast. The AdWords Editor has its own special Find Duplicate Keywords option, making it easier than ever to stop them cold. There’s also an Advanced Search feature that allows you to hone in on keywords with low Quality Scores.

It’s safe to say AdWords Editor is one of the hidden gems Google offers. Not many people know about it, but those who do swear by its advanced functionality. With this robust, yet convenient suite, managing your AdWords campaign is no problem. Plus, it’s easy to make the targeted changes that really impact Quality Score.