How to Develop Brand Awareness Effectively

build brand awareness

Brand awareness, as the name suggests, is the extent to which a person is familiar with your brand and what you do. A high degree of brand awareness helps encourage business, because those who “might” need your services someday will know where to look when they do.

Once someone has actually made a purchase from you, brand awareness goes up and tends to remain high for a while – while you are at the “top of mind.” However, even customers who have made many purchases in the past will gradually forget you and might even try out your competitors!

That being the case, it’s important to use a variety of techniques to promote brand awareness.

Build brand awareness online with these approaches:

1) Have a Clear, Consistent Content Strategy

When people encounter you online for the first time, your Web content is the voice of your brand. Whenever content can be both informative and entertaining, it is most effective in building brand awareness. In some industries, however, this may be easier said than done. A unique, expert perspective that others can trust will build awareness even in very conservative industries.

2) Make Guest Posting Part of That Strategy

No matter what market segment you serve, you have allies out there – businesses in the same field who don’t covet your exact market. Working together helps you and your partners reach their goal. “Guest posting” can boost awareness among prospects and industry peers. However, it’s essential that anything you share across multiple external sites truly be the best work you can produce.

3) Capitalize on the Infographics Trend build brand awareness

Infographics help people zero in on important or interesting information by presenting it in a compelling visual format. Not only are infographics practical and useful when explaining tough topics, but they’re also immensely shareable. Make sure your infographics prominently display your brand name, logo, and Web address so others can follow them back home.

4) Hold Social Media Contests

People love participating in online contests – especially if they get to do something fun, like submit a photo or a caption. A well-structured contest has natural momentum, because those who enter will share the link to get votes from their friends. To be most effective, a contest should run for at least a month … and have a good, memorable prize!

5) Use Remarketing as a Reminder

Remarketing is the practice of showing new ads to users who visited your site, but didn’t perform a desired action before they left. Remarketing can target users at any phase: Those who looked at a particular product, abandoned their shopping cart, and more. A simple reminder, perhaps with a coupon or other incentive, might get them back.