Using An Infographic Effectively In Your Marketing Strategy

infographic in marketing strategyPractically overnight, infographics have gotten remarkably popular across a wide range of sites. The online world is shifting away from plain text and toward more visually-oriented, interactive content – and the infographic is one of the biggest vanguards of this change.

Recent research has shown:

  • Content with relevant imagery yields 94% more clicks than text-only content;
  • Brightly-colored imagery can make users 80% more eager to click on content;
  • Infographics in particular are liked and shared 3X more than any other content!

With three times more shares at stake, it might seem obvious you should use infographics as much as possible. And, yes, virtually any business can find a place for this enticing new content in its digital strategy. To be truly effective, however, it has to be done the right way.

Follow these tips to maximize the impact of your infographics:

1) Focus on Fascinating Your Users

The purpose of an infographic isn’t just to share data, but to do it in a way that lets the users see things from a fresh perspective. Of course, if you can balance this with an informative approach that helps them solve problems, all the better. Be sure you start with a clear goal in mind.

2) Make Your Infographic Shareable

Your infographic might start on one platform, but it’s sure to trek across many more. Be sure you have versions that are appropriately sized to suit the guidelines of each major platform. Consider using software tools to compress large infographics so people can email them more easily.

infographic in marketing strategy3) Share the Right Kind of Data

If you’re crafting an infographic for link-building or to introduce users to your site for the first time, use evergreen content that can be valuable to them for a long time to come. If the graphic is focused on building your brand’s authority, use more timely, tightly-researched data.

4) Use Infographics in Your Posts

Infographics can be included in blog posts to make them more eye-catching, and one graphic will often apply to more than one post. If you have a particularly long infographic, consider dicing it up across multiple posts and letting users click embedded portions to see the whole thing.

5) Share Infographics with Influencers

Established industry influencers love to share well-designed infographics with their followers. It gives them the chance to discuss your graphic with their insights through minimal work on their part. When you share, be sure your infographic has your brand name and URL clearly displayed!

Plenty of tools are now available to accelerate infographic creation. Still, a good infographic relies on strong design and optimal use of your data. Experiment with creative approaches to see what will truly resonate with your audience.