Marketing Tips for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is more crowded than ever. Through automation and new tools, even small companies can compete with global rivals. Under these conditions, it’s necessary to have a strong brand that truly differentiates from a growing roster of competitors.

Unfortunately, marketing hasn’t always been a central concern in manufacturing. Now, as major players move away from the familiar annual events calendar to a Wild West of continuous client relationships, Web marketing is crucial. Companies need to act now or they risk being left behind.

How can you reinvent your marketing mix for the new reality?

To build a strong foundation, focus on these four methods first:

1) Prioritize Industry Thought Leadership in Your Space

Today’s clients want to see how you add unique value to their processes. That means not only demonstrating your brand is different, but making a persuasive case for how your approaches are measurably better. Web content focusing on thought leadership not only shows your innovations, but why they matter – drawing clear distinctions between you and “all the rest.”

2) Focus on the Right Keywords for Your Ideal Customers

Keywords are the first step to a Web strategy that produces qualified leads. Keywords are the terms clients enter into searches when looking for products and services like yours. In many cases, they come in the form of questions you can answer effectively with your content. This helps you introduce your product portfolio and find purchase-ready clients in your market.

3) Optimize Your Web Presence for Mobile

Both B2B buyers and average consumers are using mobile to conduct product research. About 42% of B2B buyers will use mobile at some point during their search for a solution. Plus, that figure is growing fast! Just as important: Since mid-2015, mobile compatibility has been a major factor in Google search position. Even if you anticipate low mobile traffic, it’s still worthwhile to make your site accessible.

4) Use Virtual Tours and Videos to Make Your Brand Unique

Video content is tremendously popular, especially on mobile devices. With more video platforms than ever, you have unique opportunities to humanize your brand. Short videos give potential customers the chance to watch your products in action, visit with your thought leaders, and see what goes on behind the scenes. This is a great way to help your company stand out from the pack.

When it comes to effective Web marketing, there’s still plenty of room for manufacturers to make an impact. Those who adopt best practices now will be positioned to reap lasting benefits sooner. In the specialized realm of industrial manufacturing, even a slight advantage in Web visibility can lead to thousands or millions of dollars in bottom line growth.