Do Facebook Ads Really Work for B2B Businesses?

What do the latest digital marketing statistics say about Facebook ads for B2B?

Facebook ads are known as a method for driving “overnight” traffic to any consumer business. But can they be as effective in the B2B marketplace? Researchers around the world probed deeper and made these discoveries:

  1. More than 90% of marketers surveyed are currently using Facebook in their campaigns
  2. 58% of marketing managers say that Facebook has the highest ROI (tied with LinkedIn)
  3. Successful Facebook campaigns have resulted in 500%+ ROI for B2B, especially in SaaS

The value of Facebook ads goes beyond the typical sales funnel. For example, B2B firms can use Facebook ads to test their new offerings and the messaging around them. By validating assumptions, enterprises can save thousands of dollars.

Facebook is Superior to Competitors When it Comes to B2B

There are many other platforms out there where B2B campaigns can be impactful, Google and LinkedIn among them. However, Facebook has some often overlooked advantages that these platforms cannot duplicate:

Facebook Has the Largest (Effective) Audience

Google may win in sheer size, but it loses due to its inability to target your specific audience. Facebook stands alone when it comes to micro-targeting potential customers based on a sophisticated combination of demographics, behaviors, and firmographics.

Facebook Ads Are More Prominent

Although there’s a lot to recommend with LinkedIn in a multi-prong B2B strategy, its advertising leaves much to be desired – many users can’t even remember seeing LinkedIn ads. Facebook’s prominent ad spaces and multimedia translate to a higher clickthrough rate.

Facebook Has the Lowest Cost Per Click

The very lowest costs go to B2C enterprises, but Facebook’s advertising platform as a whole is much less expensive than its competitors. Google averages $2.50 per click; LinkedIn, more than $3.

Getting Started With Facebook Ads for B2B

Using Facebook’s ad platform is simple. New campaigns can be set up using Facebook Ad Manager in a matter of minutes. Ad Manager allows you to craft new ads and ad groups, define an audience based on dozens of characteristics, and automate bidding according to your budget.

With more than 1.52 billion daily active users, Facebook offers unique digital marketing opportunities for your B2B firm. Discover how Amplify can help you make the most of your digital marketing opportunities.