The Top 5 Ways to Engage Your Customers on Social Media

How do you know social media is making a real difference for your business?

The answer is engagement.

Social media engagement is a measure of users’ concrete involvement with social content. “Likes,” shares and subscribes are all measures of engagement. Although some types of engagement are more useful than others, good content inspires engagement regularly.

High engagement inspires more conversions, inquiries, and sales.

Here are five ways to engage your customers on social media:

1.Be Personable

Even if your brand’s voice tends toward the formal, focus on being friendly and approachable on social media. Social engagement is a dialogue: It should never sound like you are “talking at” your followers. Showing a genuine interest in them, their experiences, and their needs will put you ahead of competitors who use social media as a one-way platform.

2.Ask Questions

Get in the habit of soliciting feedback from your followers. For many people, a question is almost impossible to ignore – but it must be the right kind of question. “What would make your job ten times easier right now?” is more interesting than “How are you doing today?”

3.Put Out Polls and Surveys

Followers like to know their voice is being heard. Posting polls and surveys make them part of your brand story. Polls get extremely high engagement: They are fast, easy, and can make a positive difference in the future. Plus, the feedback you get can be crucial in shaping your sales and marketing strategies.

4.Use Video

Studies show video is the most “engagement-worthy” content. People are much more likely to share social posts with video. On top of that, they can remember your message more clearly. A 90-second video can make a strong impression and many people will watch to the end.

5.Be Personable

User-generated content is another way for followers to get in on the action. One of the best ways is to ask for photos of your followers using your product. People love to take photos and will gladly submit them to you. Use your knowledge of your followers to come up with a contest or promotion.

Social media engagement is a powerful conversion engine for your business. Learn more about how it fits into a complete B2B content marketing strategy and how you can get started.