Educating your Clients is Easier Than Marketing To Them

Across industry, size, and budget categories, one thing is for certain:

B2B decision-makers don’t want to be marketed to.

With limited time and plenty of other things competing for their attention, decision-makers have high expectations for brands like yours. They want helpful, informative digital content they can put into action: That means concrete solutions to real business problems.

Client education is the key to winning their trust.

When you focus on client education, you position your brand as an authority. That helps you convert visitors into leads and leads into sales as buyers perform product research. And it fuels the most effective strategy for online visibility: Content marketing.

Here’s how client education benefits you:

1. Client Education is a Powerful Approach to Your Lead Funnel

Decision-makers could find your company at any point in their product research. They may still be defining the problem or they may be identifying options. A commitment to client education means you can speak to their needs wherever they are in the process. You aren’t limited to trying to capture attention only in the earliest stages.

2. Client Education Amplifies Your Visibility on Google Search

As you discover what questions and pain points are relevant to your buyers, you learn what Google queries they use to guide their thinking. This enables you to craft client education content that captures future searches on those topics. In a short time, that can mean thousands of more monthly website hits. It also puts you ahead of new market entrants.

3. Client Education Establishes Your Thought Leadership

Educating B2B clients isn’t only about advocating for the best way to do something. It’s also about showing why your way is the best. Sophisticated content demonstrates your enterprise is at the forefront of your industry. That fosters confidence in your solutions. It also shows respect for your leads, who only have time for real answers to their problems.

Client Education Can Be Your #1 Online Sales Driver

Resources you provide before a sale is made give a tantalizing glimpse of the value you offer clients. Good client education shapes a leads’ buying criteria, setting their expectations so you can exceed them. To learn how customer education can become a cornerstone of your brand, read about AIMG’s B2B Content Marketing.