Google Knowledge Panels: Brand vs Local

Google Knowledge Panels are specialized information boxes that give search users quick access to key information about people, places, organizations, and things.

Information in a knowledge panel is pulled from a variety of sources. For example, many knowledge panels about plants and animals leverage information from Wikipedia.

There are two kinds of Knowledge Panel:

Local Knowledge Panel

Local business Knowledge Panels provide details specific to one location – for example, your local IHOP, not the IHOP brand. This lets search users find the address, contact information, and opening hours before they decide to visit a business.

Brand Knowledge Panel

Brand Knowledge Panels provide a more general overview of a company. Some of the information may be similar – for example, a customer service phone number – but the Knowledge Panel can also include specialized statistics and background information.

Creating a Local Knowledge Panel

Creating a Local Knowledge Panel is a critical part of local SEO. Four steps are required to get one. Each step helps verify your local business details:

  1. Claim your free listing in the Google My Business directory and fill out all the details
  2. Use structured data to specify the business name, address, and telephone on your website
  3. Make sure your business information is accurate on Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp
  4. Use your business phone number and address in your website footer and About page

There is no formal submission process for a Local Knowledge Panel. Google will index and publish this information over time. In a few months, an accurate Knowledge Panel is likely to appear.

Getting a Brand Knowledge Panel

A Brand Knowledge Panel is a different story. You can’t apply for one, and the steps you take in digital marketing have limited effect. Google decides if your brand is considered notable enough to warrant a Brand Knowledge Panel.

Certain actions can make getting a Brand Knowledge Panel more likely. In addition to the steps mentioned above, a Brand Knowledge Panel is more likely to be bestowed upon your company if you have a Wikipedia page and have submitted your information to Wikidata.

Google and other venues provide many opportunities to drive traffic to your business, increasing trustworthiness and interest. Contact AIMG about B2B digital marketing and learn how these options can benefit your company.