Facebook Conversion Ads

facebook-profile-on-apple-iphone-6sAs digital marketing has become more complex, analyzing data has grown into an important part of success. No matter what platforms you use to get your message out, it’s critical that you know what kind of results you’re getting – and where you can improve. With Facebook conversion ads, you can easily measure ROI.

Facebook’s Website Conversion Ads Come With Enhanced Tracking

When you create a new campaign on Facebook, you’re presented with several possible campaign objectives. Increase conversions on your website is the option to drive traffic directly to an offer’s landing page and, hopefully, achieve the fastest conversions.

When you select this campaign goal, you get access to a tracking pixel that can help you monitor a variety of conversions. Some user actions the Facebook pixel can track include:

  • Adding products and services to the cart;
  • Registering for a user account or an event;
  • Viewing important pages on your website;
  • Lead generation and other conversions.

All told, Facebook offers nine standard conversion events it can track without making any major changes to your website. If you wish, you can also define and implement custom events.

Once the pixel is generated, adding it to the HTML code of the affected page is easy. Once the code has been updated, you can access the Conversion Tracking Menu within Facebook’s Ad Manager to verify the pixel is working.

Using the Facebook Tracking Pixel to Monitor Your Results

There are two major uses of the pixel:

Enhancing Your Website Analytics

While your Facebook tracking pixel is active, user behavior data will continue to be siphoned from your site to Facebook. Facebook centralizes data in the form of simple, informative reports. These reports let you measure conversion performance and recognize opportunities to improve.

Retargeting Facebook Users

The Facebook tracking pixel facilitates granular retargeting of users. For example, you might want to develop a customized ad seen only by users who added an item to their cart but did not check out. Often, these ads are even more persuasive than ads targeted to a general audience.

Thanks to Facebook conversion tracking, businesses have unprecedented visibility into how their ads influence Facebook users. In theory, it is now possible to develop specialized, laser-targeted ads to incite prospects to action at every stage of the buyer journey.

Enterprises looking for ways to enhance results using their existing ad budget should explore the capabilities of Facebook conversion ads. After a little initial setup, your Facebook marketing strategy could be more effective than ever.