Vine Marketing 101

vine-marketingShort video is the content format of the future. Over the last few years, platforms especially for video have proliferated – and social media mainstays like Facebook have done more to facilitate short bursts of live streaming.

Founded in January 2013, Vine is one of the contenders for social video venue of choice. Videos on the service are limited to about six seconds, making them the visual equivalent of the ever-popular tweet. Not surprising, since Vine is owned by Twitter.

About 200 million users view Vines every month, putting it ahead of Snapchat and behind Instagram as of late 2015. Vine is a hot, highly visible platform … but it’s reasonable to wonder: How can businesses use just six seconds of air time?

Here’s how:

Tell a (Very) Short, Compelling Story

Six seconds isn’t enough for dialogue or even conventional text. The key: Action-oriented scenes that pack a lot into a little space through scene placement and action. In a recent contest by Twitter, a six-second Vine brought the company’s lovable bird mascot flying through its newest office.

Brand With Your Favorite Swag

There’s something oddly compelling about branded items that don’t have much to do with a company’s core mission. Marketo’s first Vine involved stacking the company’s striking solo cups into a pyramid.


Use Vines as an Event’s Highlights Reel

Six seconds is just enough to show people what they’re missing and motivate them to attend future events! An excited audience or a speaker’s quick, compelling quote can be captured along with just enough text to provide, well, context.

Create a Single, Striking Moment

In photography, composition is the art of organizing your image for balance and emphasis. In a Vine, opening on a strong image is crucial since your first frame is what viewers will see before they click. With multiple images, you can create a fast and punchy slideshow.

Be Fun and Funny

On Vine, you won’t be re-creating War and Peace – but that’s okay. The platform is fast-moving and gives you just enough time to leave a lasting impression. Costumes, decorations, and a little pizazz can be just right for making seconds count.

Try Content Marketing

“Unboxing,” a favorite video format for product reviewers, can be just efficient enough for a Vine. Even how-to content is possible – if the process is short and you speed things up a little bit. Push yourself to see how much you can communicate.

Vine won’t replace long form video platforms, especially not the #2 search engine, YouTube. As a newer element in the digital marketing toolbox, however, it has exciting uses. Take a creative, whimsical approach and your brand could become the next breakout Vine star.