AIMG Builds Responsive Website for Law Firm Database Company

Leopard Solutions, a law firm database solutions company, was in need of a new website that reflected the functionality and sophistication of the digital services they provided to law firms in order to boost their authority, trustworthiness and ultimately sales. They chose AIMG to help them achieve their business goals.

Prior to working with AIMG, Leopard Solutions’ website lacked the search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities they desired, didn’t reflect their overall brand or values, and had a few demonstrable usability problems. All of this was a hindrance to growth in the extremely competitive legal services space.

It was at this point that Leopard Solutions partnered with AIMG. Immediately, AIMG went to work determining hyper-specific buyer personas for messaging and targeting with pin point accuracy. Developing the buyer personas was the first step, and required close collaboration with Leopard Solutions to determine common barriers to purchase, motivations for purchasing, the job titles and behaviors of this audience, and more.

Once this was established AIMG began designing the site, working closely with Leopard Solution’s IT department to distinguish between what went on the website and what was offered separately as a digital product.

The site was designed and the copy written to appeal directly to the specific buyer personas laid out earlier in the process, and then was optimized for search engines so that these personas would find it where they’re normally at in the digital realm.

After everything was in place, the site was launched, and Leopard Solutions started to see the benefits right away. Their rankings improved, their user experience improved and their role as a trustworthy, authoritative source of database solutions in the legal services sector was cemented in place. In the end, they achieved their business goals.

You can view Leopard Solutions website here:

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