Remarketing on AdWords

Remarketing-AdWords2One of the most dreaded phenomena in digital marketing is bounce.

Bounce happens when a user exits your site seconds after entering, failing to engage in any way. Until recently, bounce was the end – there was no effective way to get a second chance.

With the growth of remarketing, things have changed. It gives you the opportunity to advertise to people who have already visited your site. A cookie or tracking pixel allows you to target them with ads throughout the Web.

AdWords allows you to combine the power of remarketing with the reach of Google.

Drive ROI from Advertising Efforts

Remarketing helps control cost-per-acquisition and raise revenue from users who’ve interacted with your site. Recapturing lost prospects is just one use: It can also inspire repeat business from current customers.

Advantages include:


Mindshare When Buying is More Likely

Many times, ads are ineffective simply because the prospect has no interest in buying at that moment. With remarketing, Google empowers you with timely touch-points. Your ad is more likely to be seen at the moment a user exhibits purchase-ready behavior.

Tailored Lists for Multiple Goals

AdWords remarketing can be very precise. Customized ads can be created for any stage in the buyer journey and can be associated with specific site pages. No matter whether a user leaves your site instantly or abandons a full shopping cart, you can reignite the interaction.

Unprecedented Online Reach

Remarketing leverages the full power of the Google Display Network (GDN). That means you can retarget users across 2 million digital platforms – websites and mobile applications. The Search Network can also be used.

Launching a Display Campaign

To begin, log into your AdWords account and start a new “Display Network Only” campaign. From there, follow these steps:

  • Begin a Display Network campaign.
  • Select your campaign name, bid strategy, and budget – then save the campaign.
  • Enter an ad group name and bid.
  • Choose Interests and remarketing under “Choose how to target your ads.”
  • Choose Remarketing lists in the drop-down marked “Select a category.”

When you click Set up remarketing, AdWords instantly creates a remarketing tag. You can save or email this, adding it to your site or mobile app fast. It also automatically generates an “All visitors” list, a catch-all for every site visitor. You can design targeted lists manually.

Once you enter an ad group name and bid, you’ll find “All visitors” added to your ad group.

Google provides an unprecedented opportunity to build long-term rapport with users at any stage of their purchase decision. Even advertisers with modest budgets can now benefit from the scope and flexibility of modern remarketing.