File Sharing Tools for Small Business Owners


The amount of data businesses work with is growing – that holds true even for small enterprises. It has never been more important to be able to share, store, and collaborate on files efficiently. Luckily, cloud technology has created a huge number of great file sharing options. Simple, effective, and inexpensive, these apps help business owners stay on top of the tsunami of information they face every day.

Let’s look at some great file sharing tools you can use:


Dropbox is one of the oldest names in cloud storage, and remains one of the easiest file sharing programs to use. When you sign up, you designate a folder or folders for sharing and then invite people to connect to them. From there, everyone has access to files entered into the shared folder. You can also customize access so, for example, team members can add files but not remove them and vice-versa. Dropbox offers several tiers of service, including the free Dropbox Basic, which includes 2GB of storage. Dropbox Business starts at $12.50 per user each month.

Google Docs

Google has a number of great sharing tools, including Google Drive, which works similarly to Dropbox and integrates with other Google products. Google Docs provides word processing, version control, and collaboration functionality, allowing a whole team to share the view of a document at once. Editing and commenting are done from directly within documents and can include as many people as needed. Made a mistake? You can revert to an old version at any time. Plus, files loaded into Google Docs are easy to share, download, or convert to other formats.



So, you want a file sharing solution that gives you seamless access to the most recent version of every file, no matter what device you use? Or perhaps you need a program that can help you share files with clients while restricting access to internal data? ShareFile is an enterprise solution that works, giving you easy cloud or on-site storage. With a 30-day free trial and plans starting at $16 per month, it is well-regarded for its enhanced file security. Synching, multi-factor identification, and e-signature support make it ideal for compliance-driven environments.


Jumpshare is billed as the fastest file sharing solution out there. With much higher file size limits than most other options, it is perfect for effectively moving large files from one person or team to another. It integrates seamlessly into the Windows system tray, giving you convenient, one-click activation to send large numbers of files at once. It’s known for an intuitive and nice-looking file viewer that makes tasks easier. At $9.99 monthly, the Jumpshare Plus plan for businesses offers 1TB of storage, password protection, and file self-destruct.