Project Management Tools for Small Businesses

pm-tools-1Small business owners are always looking for ways to be more productive and maximize the power of their time. Luckily, there are plenty of software options available that can help you get more done in a day. They’re versatile, effective, and affordable for even solo organizations – many are completely free for small teams.

Here are some effective project management tools for small businesses to explore:


Asana is a collaboration management tool that focuses on making it easier for team members to communicate throughout the stages of a project. It comes with to-do lists and tracking, calendars broken down by team and individual, and plenty of chat tools to make it easy to coordinate. It’s been used by organizations including The New Yorker, Salesforce, Harvard, and many others.


Basecamp is one of the most famous projects written in the ultra-fast and secure Ruby on Rails Web framework. It’s a project management suite similar to Asana, but it focuses on robust version control and document management capabilities for teams who deal with a lot of different files. Projects are broken down into easy-to-use Web discussion boards and milestone lists.



Producteev is a task management suite with a wide range of features and a free plan suitable for many smaller companies. Its centerpiece is a complete, team-based project scheduling and tracking toolkit including task scheduling and management. It has apps compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Outlook, so teams can stay engaged from anywhere.


Todoist is known for a convenient, minimalist design along with game-like productivity visualization that makes it extra handy for individuals. The core of the app is task classification and management – a to-do list with a twist that helps you prioritize and plan. It’s made a splash in business with the ability to share and collaborate on tasks, set sub-projects, and use recurring dates.


Trello is a unique, visual task management application that takes the form of a “Trello board” – an intuitive list of lists that teams can collaborate on by adding, removing, or adjusting individual cards. It’s especially useful for projects where workflow might change quickly or unexpectedly: Cards, which generally represent tasks or goals, can be reordered or reassigned at any time.


What’s the Right Option for You? Why Not Try Them All?

No matter who you are or what’s important to you, anyone can benefit from getting organized. Thanks to tools like those above, there are almost as many ways to do it as there are teams. A slightly different, more visual approach to keeping projects orderly could be exactly what you need to unlock the potential of your team. Don’t hesitate, try out one of these project management tools for small businesses today!