Understanding the Value of Voice Search Optimization

As smartphones become the dominant form of online access, voice search optimization is getting more important. Voice search is essential to capturing lucrative “near me” searches for local businesses – but the story doesn’t end there.

Why Should Your Business Care About Voice Search Optimization?

At first, it might not be too obvious why a brand needs to focus on voice search optimization.

After all, not all companies are trying to grab “near me” searches from mobile users.

Still, there are many other reasons to keep this on your radar:

Get Placement on Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets, also known as “position zero” on search, have leapt into the spotlight as a result of voice search. Google Home and Google Assistant read out snippets from relevant sites in this position. The more you optimize for voice search, the more likely it is you’ll end up here.

Better Understanding of Context

GPS and other features of the mobile search ecosystem mean searchers can use particular queries in new and unexpected ways when on mobile. Digging into search means you can grasp the nuances of these differences and provide even better service.

Leveraging Voice-Based Media

Voice search is a new frontier. Brands need to collaborate with Google to use it to its full potential – and to conserve time and resources, they should focus in on the areas where users have demonstrated needs.

What Can You Do to Optimize for Voice Search Now?

How to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search

Focus Site Architecture on Questions

Voice search is often used to answer questions like store hours and locations. Make sure the answers to these are baked right into your site: Clear, concise, and comprehensible. That way, users will get exactly what they expect when they launch voice queries.

Use Schema Metadata

Ensuring key info is presented in plain HTML helps voice search understand your site, but you can go a step further with schema data. This structured metadata gives Google more clues about the purpose of your site so it can zoom in on what users need fast.

Target the Long Tail

Web marketers have been singing the praises of the long tail keyword since the beginning. Voice is giving them a renaissance. Because they’re highly conversational – they reflect how people speak – emphasizing them will often raise your voice search visibility.

Update Google My Business

Google My Business is a central repository of vital information on local businesses. If your data here is up to date, then the engine will know how to direct searchers to your business when they need you. It really is that simple.

Voice search is an exciting new dimension in Web marketing. While local businesses may stand the most to gain at the moment, voice search is rapidly growing in popularity. Optimizing for voice search will benefit just about any business. Starting now will give you the advantage as it hits the mainstream.