How to Get High Quality Backlinks Without Guest Blogging

In today’s fast-moving search world, effective linkbuilding needs to focus on high-authority sites. Sometimes, though, the best way to appeal to valuable link partners might seem mysterious. So many brands may be shouting for their attention. How do you stand out and get more high quality backlinks?

Techniques to Achieve High Quality Backlinks

Make Existing Content Better

This is the simplest and most powerful approach. Look at content with the top Google rank for your keyword and create new content that takes the concept to the next level: More information, more resources, more actionable strategies, more illustrations, more everything. It won’t happen overnight, but authoritative backlinks will start to flow in and you’ll displace the current champ.

Become a Newsworthy Source

When journalists find content interesting or useful, they can provide links that will last for many years to come. Short of hanging out in newsrooms, what can you do? HARO – Help a Reporter Out – is a free site that lets you list yourself as a potential source for journalists seeking insight on your area of expertise. Quotes in news sites are usually accompanied by branded backlinks.

Reach Out on Outdated Resources

When sites rebrand or shut down, old backlinks often become inactive. When you find credible sites linking to these broken resources, it’s a huge opportunity. You not only get to build some goodwill by letting webmasters know about the broken link, but can suggest one of your own resources as a suitable replacement. This is a rare example of a same-day link strategy.

high quality backlinksUse the Most Popular Post Types

Research from Buzzsumo analyzing one million Web articles came to interesting conclusions about which content is most likely to float to the top of search rankings. About 75% of content is ignored, getting no links whatsoever!

The most-linked content types include:

  • List Posts: These are the king, with more than six domain backlinks on average!
  • “Why” Posts: These rank just below list posts, netting around six domain links.
  • How-To Posts: These useful posts come in at a respectable average of 5.6.

Develop Resource Pages and “Ultimate Guides”

No matter their area of expertise, proactive site owners are always on the lookout for the best content to share with their audience. Resource pages benefit both them and you, since the content is useful for site users with a wide range of questions, challenges, and problems related to the topic. Existing guides and resource pages can provide a lot of useful inspiration for your own, too.

Linkbuilding doesn’t have to be a slog. These five techniques help ensure every moment you spend on building high quality backlinks adds value – not just in terms of that coveted link, but by creating better relationships with authoritative sites and prospective customers.