Incorporating Videos into Your Social Media Campaigns

Video marketing is becoming more important by the day. In fact, video has been touted among the top 5 B2B tactics of 2015. One of the biggest complaints about video, its cost, has fallen by the wayside as YouTube – now the #2 search engine worldwide – absorbs bandwidth fees and other technology overhead.

Companies in manufacturing and other classic B2B sectors are in the middle of a long shift. Instead of relying on the sales process alone as the primary driver of revenue, companies are turning to content marketing to differentiate their brand.

sample of video on twitterAs competition revs up and decision-makers have less time to make buying choices, brands with a strong video presence will be more likely to cut through online clutter. In B2C, the pivot toward mobile Internet access is having the same effect on video’s importance.

When you combine social media and video, you get even more user attention and engagement! Users who click a social link may not want to slow down and read blogs. They’ll appreciate a video that will answer their questions quickly and encourage them to explore.

Let’s look at five big reasons video enhances social media campaigns:

1) Video is Great for Product Launches

Video is versatile, but one of its best uses is previewing products. About 71% of searches start with a generic query; video helps you capture these before people know your brand. For social followers, a product reveal video can net your offering “Day 1” sales.

watching video on phone2) Video Gets People Interested in Events

In the social media world, it can be challenging to get prospects to “come out of the computer” and engage with your local business. People are more likely to watch brief videos about upcoming events than read about them on your site, so you might just find yourself getting more RSVPs.

3) Video Makes Your Site More Attractive

How many of your social followers engage on your site after you post? For most brands, the answer is “not many.” Videos keep eyes on your site longer – even if hosted on YouTube, they can funnel traffic back to your site or get people to sign up for your mailing lists.

4) Video Amplifies Your Content’s Reach

Not every video shared with your network has to stand alone. You can convert blogs, whitepapers, or whatever else you have into effective videos. By incorporating video, your content gets more exposure and attracts visual learners.

5) Video is More Shareable

Research from Buffer has shown tweets with images get far more engagement. Social media users can scroll through text tweets, but images and videos help your posts stand out. It’s also more likely to get viral traction, as people tend to share posts with a graphic element.