Your Instagram Marketing Cheat Sheet

instagram marketingWith over 600 million monthly users, Instagram – owned by Facebook – is the dominant player in visual social media. In a mobile-driven world where people can get their social fix anywhere, there’s a special charm to the fast-moving photography site.

Many brands have been slow to realize what a potent marketing tool Instagram can be, especially in the B2B world. As one of the largest networks around, though, it simply can’t be ignored. For those not on the platform, now’s the time to dive in and learn by doing!

Here are the most important things to know about Instagram marketing:

Start With Great Photography

If no one on your team has time to get a photography degree, what can you do? Shooting square photos is a quick way to make sure you keep the most vital parts of the image centered. Some apps will even apply a grid to your camera’s viewfinder to help you take better photos.

Use a Link Shortener for Analytics

Analytics is a crucial part of measuring ROI from social media – but it sometimes seems like Instagram traffic is disappearing into a black hole. To get easier access to full analytic info, be sure to use a link shortener to track the URL in your Bio.

Use Trending Hashtags

Use the Explore Feature to find out what’s going on around the Instagram network right now. When you notice hashtags that are relevant to your brand, be sure to use them in your posts. Popular hashtags get more eyes on your posts.

Connect Instagram to Your Marketing Funnel

instagram marketingMost companies use Instagram for branding and raising awareness, but you can drive visitors into your marketing funnel, too. Don’t hesitate to share images with a clear call to action, pointing users towards the great content in your Bio link.

Spice Up Your Feed With Occasional Videos

Videos are a great way to enhance engagement and capture interest across all the major social networks. Not surprisingly, it works just as well on Instagram. You can combine still photos and videos to bring your visual storytelling to the next level.

Make the Most of Sponsored Posts

Paid advertising is changing the way brands operate on Instagram. With Sponsored Posts, you have the chance to boost your following overnight. The best way to get a quick start? Find the biggest accounts catering to your demographic and pay for Sponsored Posts on them.

Master the Art of the Social Image

The basic social shareable image is simple: A striking photo with a clear, memorable caption using great typography. Experiment with this formula, master it, and use it daily to increase your shares and follower count.