How to Keep Your Social Media Marketing From Getting Stale

To get the most from digital marketing, social media is essential. But sometimes, it can be hard to find your social media stride. In other cases, social might seem to be going well for a while, then suddenly hit a snag. What can you do to energize user engagement?

Social media doesn’t come naturally to everyone – it requires creative, even counter-intuitive thinking. That said, there are strategies that capture buyer attention effectively even in the fast-paced social world. By following them, you can develop social media instincts.

Consider these approaches:

Build a Community

You may have a Page, but do you have a true community? A community – where buyers are encouraged to share thoughts, opinions, and content – is a magnet that draws people back again and again. If you feel like buyers’ engagement with your brand is superficial, give them a chance to connect and communicate directly with you and others like them. Getting started can be as simple as creating a contest where users can submit photos or captions.

Expand on User Interests

Your business might have launched with a few specific insights about your buyers. How has it grown since then? Once you have a strong body of content about your main focus – your niche – it may be time to look at other ways to serve users. For example, users interested in physical fitness may also be interested in general wellness content. Those interested in work-at-home may also be interested in entrepreneurship. Research, crystallize, then get creating!

Focus on Visual Content

For many people, visual content is simply easier to process and react to than written content. Colored visuals can make users 80% more willing to read a piece of content. Content with relevant imagery gets 94% more views than content without, and image-heavy articles get twice as many shares. Even adding some basic stock imagery to your content can help. For better results, go a step further with infographics or other compelling, customized visuals.

Integrate Micro-Video Events

Video content provides a one-two punch of marketing mirth. To start, it is quintessential “visual content.” Beyond this, though, it has the effect of humanizing your brand. Short, video-focused events give your social followers the chance to connect with you on a personal level – nothing else offers quite the same unique “sneak peek.”

Social media is getting more complex. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and dozens of smaller entrants, your impact goes well beyond the 140-character message. Look for ways to bring a fresh perspective to social media and you’ll cut through the clutter and connect with users. Remember: Even if you’re a social media star, it’s not about you. It’s all about your buyers!