Keys to Success for Industrial B2B Marketing Strategy and Development

Research from Gartner indicates that about 77% of B2B buyers still consider making a purchase time-consuming and complicated. Despite huge advances in technology, most B2B firms haven’t yet made the most of new opportunities to respond to their clients’ needs.

And in the entire B2B landscape, industrial marketing strategy might be furthest behind.

But that can be truly great news: By making a handful of targeted improvements, your brand can stand out from competitors online. Following a cohesive digital marketing strategy consistently can position your brand as an industry thought leader.

Industrial brands have unprecedented opportunities to appeal to the specialist audiences that will select and use their products: Designers, architects, engineers, and more. Here’s how to handle it:

1.Make Detailed Product Information Accessible

A website isn’t just a product catalog, but industrial customers need more information on your solutions than any other buyers. Serve their needs by making 3D models and complete product specifications available on your site.

Diversify this basic content with different formats and structures to raise search visibility. Make data easy to find with your own search feature and interactive chat. This will ensure leads can do important self-service that minimizes friction in the buying process.

2.Use Interactive Content to Pre-Qualify Leads

In the industrial sector, smaller sales numbers and longer relationships remain the norm. It takes quite a while for first-time customers to commit. Ensuring prospective buyers are truly qualified saves time for both them and you.

This is where interactive content comes in!

An interactive self-assessment is the fastest way to determine whether a particular product, app, or equipment piece can deliver winning value to a customer. It can also move people deeper into the buyer funnel or redirect leads to options that are more suitable for them.

3.Have Sophisticated Follow-Up Plans in Place

The Definitive Guide to Performing Competitive Research on Your Competition’s Marketing EffortsCustomer Relationship Management software is a must for industrial firms.

A CRM provides complete visibility into where your leads and current customers stand in the buyer journey. It can respond to new user activity and flag events that require you to follow up. The best CRMs even connect with your website to analyze website user behavior and turn more visitors into leads.

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