Marketing to Millennials

Marketing-to-MillennialsMillennials! Born between 1982 and the early 2000s, they might seem mysterious, but they’re too big to ignore: They are already the largest generation overall and the largest part of the U.S. labor force. Although the average American 29-year-old’s income is just $35,000, this generation will soon represent trillions in buying power. It’s crucial that marketers connect with them!

Luckily, the “mystery” of Millennials may be a myth – they’re not so different when you get to know them! Here are some clear lessons on how to market to this fast-paced, tech-savvy cohort:

1 Reach Them on Their Preferred Platforms

Millennials are a big part of the reason why more searches come from mobile than desktop. This generation is using mobile technology in novel ways and for more hours daily. This gives them the chance to engage with more social sites than ever before. Sure, you know Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, but do you know Dubsmash?

2 Leverage the Power of Video

All that mobile content consumption means that, though the younger set is willing to dig deep into content that matters, attention spans are shorter than ever. Short-form videos are popular with mobile users and the young, encouraging them to breeze through content easily and share it with their friends. YouTube is the #2 search engine overall, so it needs to be part of your strategy.


3 Be Authentic With Your Messaging

Millennial consumers prefer brands with values that match their own and causes they believe in. It’s never been more important to “give back” as part of your overall business strategy. Look for ways to show you’re a responsible corporate citizen. Leverage the power of giving campaigns, sponsorships, and even crowdfunding to show that you’re “part of the solution.”

4 Help Them Reach Their Goals

Keep this in mind as a cornerstone of your Web strategy: People go online to answer questions and solve problems. Making sure your content is relevant and helpful can endear you to any customer segment, but it’s especially important for Millennials – they often have a limited budget to tackle problems with. “DIY” and “how-to” content will be appreciated.

5 Stay Consistent and On-Message

Millennials won’t stay engaged with your brand unless you keep offering them new reasons to come back. Do what you can to instill the core value of consistency in your team, whether it means adopting an editorial calendar for your content or scheduling social posts in advance so your voice gets heard daily. Millennials love “lifestyle” brands, so aim to be inspiring.

Millennials want their consumer choices to be fully integrated into their worldview. Position your brand as authentic, relevant, and helpful so you can connect through the clutter.