Advertising on YouTube Made Easier with the Help of Google

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world behind Google – its owner – so it’s no surprise the Big G works hard to increase the site’s visibility and value every year.

With about 95% of Americans now owning a cell phone, tech companies including Google are looking to the next frontier of mobile usage – and the advertising it facilitates.

That new frontier is in the world of connected home devices, also known as the Internet of Things, and one of the most exciting parts of that new world is the smart TV. Many marketers are still confused about smart TVs and where they fit in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Luckily, Google has responded to the call by taking steps to make things easier. They are not only clarifying digital TV ad standards but creating tools to make it easier.

New TV Screens Device Type Makes Advertising to Screens a Snap

Computers, phones, and tablets have already been available for device targeting in Google Ads.

Now, the system is going one step further with a dedicated TV screens device type.

This will help break into the world of YouTube streaming millions of users already enjoy.

Advertising on YouTube Made Easier with the Help of GoogleThe new device type means marketers will be able to produce creative especially for TV users. That gives them the power to customize their messaging and craft the perfect “look and feel” for the display. There’ll also be full reporting for ads run on such devices.

According to Google’s preliminary research, ads on TV screens have the potential to be big. In fact, ad recall and purchase intent have been positively affected by users’ experiences with on-screen ads. That’s great news for B2B and B2C enterprises at all stages of growth.

Smart TVs, Game Consoles, and Streaming Devices are Ready for Ads

YouTube is rapidly becoming an extension of Google rather than a separate entity.

This latest change cements that reality, which is based on existing user behaviors.

Many users will search on Google for a product and then head over to YouTube to enjoy relevant video content. Rather than returning to a Google result directly to make a purchase, they may make one directly from YouTube or head back to the creator site to buy.

Greater integration in ad infrastructure will provide a more seamless experience for users and keep them on Google-owned properties longer. At the same time, advertisers will have the chance to make purchases even simpler and more straightforward.

If you’re already using Google Ads, it’s easy to get started with device targeting for video campaigns. Just use the “Devices” option available after you select a video campaign in your Google Ads Page menu. New targeting selections are available now.