7 Steps to Make a Great Live Stream on Social Media

Social media live streams are a powerful way to get people excited about your brand.

Live streams should be peppy and authentic, but they usually aren’t spontaneous. Without a little forethought, a live stream can be a flop – it may turn boring or disorganized.

Luckily, it’s not that hard to give a great live stream.

Let’s look at seven steps to make a live stream amazing:

1. Start With Planning

For a live stream to be successful, someone has to be watching. Consult your analytics to learn when your audience is most active. Promote in advance and be sure to let users know early on what to expect if they decide to stick with you.

2. Add Value

What’s in it for them? Deliver value with your live stream, even if it’s relatively short. Know what the key takeaway is so you can give your viewers something to get excited about! Ideally, viewers should leave the stream with an idea they can start using right away.

3. Optimize for YouTube

When your live stream is over, it’s not over. You can use your recording of the stream as video content and get views from YouTube, so keep its recording standards in mind. A high definition recording with good audio will give you the most bang for your buck.

4. Keep Them Wanting More

7 Steps to Make a Great Live Stream on Social Media

People will be tuning in and leaving your stream all throughout its runtime. To get viewers to stay longer, be sure to occasionally tease whatever astonishing thing will conclude your event. Think about TV news: There’s always an important story coming “after this.”

5. Get Live Feedback

A live stream should be a truly interactive experience. That includes making sure viewers can respond to the content as they watch it. Check out feedback as you go and respond to some of the questions. This helps your audience know that nothing has been recorded in advance.

6. End on a High Note

With any multimedia, saving the best for last helps give your presentation longevity. Use a vital announcement or behind the scenes content to make your reveal worth the wait. Ideally, the last few minutes of any live stream should be fun and exciting. This is what people remember.

7. Have a Strong CTA

As with all of your other content, your live stream should always be strongly integrated into your overall content marketing strategy. What conversion are you aiming for? Make sure your live stream viewers understand exactly what you want them to do when the camera’s done rolling.

A live stream helps you communicate your uniqueness in a fast-paced, approachable way. Do them regularly and you can build real energy around your brand.