Print Advertising in 2017: Is it Still Worth it?

Pprint advertisingrint advertising! In 2017, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who calls it their favorite thing. Tons of print ads are thrown out yearly, many unread. That sounds like a dismal picture – but can respectful, targeted print advertising still work in the fast-paced era of e-commerce?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Where Print Advertising Fits into Today’s Mobile-First Advertising Ecosystem

Although newspapers have seen a precipitous decline in their circulation and ad revenue, this doesn’t mean they are useless to today’s marketers. In fact, the decline of newspapers from the highs last seen in the 90s is actually useful: It gives you a clearer picture of who subscribes.

Ditto magazines. Although many magazines have moved to exclusive online formats, some of the most prestigious publications maintain their print focus. They usually cater to sophisticated groups, whether those are policy wonks or diehard hobbyists.

In any case, these readers usually have well-developed tastes and disposable income to boot.

Major Advantages of Print Marketing

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that so many digital marketing methods have their basis in print advertising. Expert online marketers – especially copywriters – can easily turn their skills toward print. There are some good arguments in favor of them doing it:

Print Ads Convert Higher

Prepare to have your mind blown: 79% of consumers act on print ads compared to 45% for digital ones. Not only are people more likely to take action on print ads, but they also have an easier time remembering them. That means they’re more likely to be attracted next time, too.

print advertisingPrint Ads Help Build Trust

When your advertisements appear in a trusted publication, some of that prestige transfers over to you. While this does take place online as well, the reliability of print – call it “solidness,” perhaps – means readers naturally assume your ad meets higher standards.

Print and Digital Ads Are a Single Ecosystem

As with any major purchase decision, it can take people a long time to make a move. Print and online ads make for a more powerful combination. You can keep your offer top of mind month after month or even week after week until the right moment arrives.

Print Appeals to an Older Demographic

While much has been said about Millennials and their smartphones, many businesses rely on a more experienced consumer at a different phase of life. Many people, including elders and those who are simply more methodical, appreciate print for more signal and less noise.

Print advertising isn’t right for all businesses, but it can still be effective. Review the platforms that drive traffic to your site and see if there are corresponding print placements that make sense.