Seal-Spout Corporation Calls Again on Accurate Imaging to Implement Website Design Upgrades

Seal-Spout Corporation has been manufacturing aluminum, plastic and paper spouts for over sixty years. And for the past five years have relied on Accurate Imaging, Inc. to present their business on the web. Back in 1998 Accurate initiated Seal-Spout’s web presence with the design of the corporation’s first website. In 2003 they wished to update the look and feel of their site and also create a way for users to view their products easily.

In the manufacturing trade it is very important for a prospective customer to easily find specifications of integral components. The inclusion of line drawings of Seal-Spout’s different types of spouts, along with dimensions, were added to the site to do just that – make it simple for people to become aware of their products. All the spouts are seen together on a single page with the added benefit of being able to click on each individually to get an enlarged view in a separate pop-up window.

About Seal-Spout Corporation
Seal-Spout Corporation manufactures aluminum, plastic and paper spouts for paperboard packaging professionals. Seal-Spout consultants work closely with clients to determine the right spout for the application and to custom engineer packaging line machines. Visit www.sealspout.comto learn more.