Accurate Imaging Optimizes Production Extranet for Thomas Register

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers is the world’s most comprehensive information resource for supply-chain sourcing and purchasing. Thomas chose Accurate Imaging, with whom they have a long-standing relationship, to optimize the extranet for the CAD department. The Thomas CAD department offers its clients Computer Aided Drawings over the web. The production extranet facilitates the ordering and publishing of the CAD catalogues.

The database-driven application allows for the creation of RFQ’s for CAD work, the receipt of quotes, and the issuance of work orders. When work is complete, the files are uploaded and validated using a built in FTP client, which allows for the very large files to be transmitted quickly.

The application also allows CAD management to track all work taking place within the system, assign engineers to an individual account, and estimate vendor billing based on quoted hours. The CAD extranet also maintains a multi-threaded relationship between each account, its applicable work orders and quotes, and the multiple uploads that pertain to each work order. The tracking allows CAD management to track all accounts and work from a central location, which streamlines their process.

As the new extranet replaced an existing tool, Accurate Imaging worked with the client to create the application they needed, while not losing any of the features they wanted to retain. The end result is a faster, more informative and all-encompassing application that makes every portion of the CAD workflow process easier.

About Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Thomas Register is a division of Thomas Publishing, LLC. With over one hundred seventy thousand listings in its database, it is the leading resource for manufacturing information and B2B E-commerce. Visit the website at www.thomasregister.comfor more information.