Should Your Business Start Creating Dynamic Content?

What Is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is website content that is generated on the fly according to user data and other parameters set not when the content is authored, but during or shortly before the user’s interaction with it. This content is highly personalized, often by putting together smaller content “building blocks” in novel ways.

In effect, each website page or email a user is presented with changes based on their characteristics. That can include any data point in your whole history with them, up to the pages or products that they only just visited.

Types of Dynamic Content

Dynamic content can take a variety of forms. No matter what information your website users need, odds are good that you can create dynamic content to meet those needs even better.

The most familiar dynamic content on today’s web consists of personalized offers at e-commerce stores based on a customer’s purchase history.

Content providing your users with offers, recommendations, and interactions can be made dynamic in many different ways. Users can receive special limited time offers, coupons, access to targeted content, or automated social media and chatbot interactions. All of these help them move forward with informed buying decisions.

How is Dynamic Content Used?

There are three main ways to target dynamic content to your website visitors or email users.
Content can adapt based on:

  • In-Session Behavior: What pages users visit, their total session time, and items in their cart
  • User Data: Past purchases and past engagement with branded content on and off the site
  • User Characteristics: Geographic location, buyer persona, and customer journey stage

In addition to its advantages for motivating conversion and buying behavior, dynamic content has the potential to provide valuable data. If dynamic content is split tested, it can be continuously improved for superior results.

Benefits of Dynamic Content

Well-made dynamic content provides the opportunity to meet the user’s needs more effectively. It also leaves the user with the feeling that the brand “knows” them in a positive and valuable way. In some cases, it can cut down on the volume of content that your content team needs to create.

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