The Top 10 Strategies for Lead Generation in 2021

Why Lead Generation Will Be Difficult in 2021

From small businesses to multinational enterprises, many companies don’t expect spending on new solutions and equipment to return to pre-pandemic growth levels in 2021. As brands continue to feel the effects of international uncertainty, the leaders who control buying decisions are likely to be more circumspect about their purchase activity.

The Risk of Not Having a Game Plan

Industrial companies must not be lulled into retracting their marketing investments in 2021. Your prospective buyers will still consume your content – they will simply be more deliberative in taking action. For sales and marketing teams who know well the glacial pace of some B2B buying cycles, this is groan-worthy news.

Still, there is wisdom in committing to proactive marketing at a time when many rivals will do the opposite. Inbound marketing focuses on techniques that build long-lasting marketing resources. You do not need to constantly spend more and more money, as with standard advertising.

Instead, the effects of inbound marketing on your website traffic, conversions, and lead generation compound over time. This means consistency in your marketing, even at a time of reduced buying, is more likely to result in enduring competitive advantages in the future.

The Top 10 Strategies for Lead Generation in 2021

  1. Content marketing: consistently publishing helpful and informative blog posts
  2. Visual content: posting content like infographics that present worthwhile information in bite-sized form
  3. Case studies: produce customer stories targeted to each potential buyer persona and use case of your solutions
  4. Digital events: host digital events, especially webinars, focusing on issues faced by your customers
  5. Video marketing: post videos in the form of a themed video series that guides a user through the buyer journey
  6. E-books: offer detailed insight on a business problem, used to entice visitors to subscribe to email
  7. Podcasts: discuss industry topics in a condensed format through interviews or panel discussions
  8. Social media posts: post on the relevant social channels where your prospective customers are active
  9. Search engine optimization (SEO): optimize your website to draw more first-time visitors into your marketing funnel
  10. Proactive reputation management: focus on soliciting and responding to online reviews

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