The 3 Secrets to Creating Engaging Content for B2B Marketing

Content marketing is the key to proving your brand’s expertise among your most discerning business customers.

Engaging content not only raises brand awareness – an understanding of who you are and what you have to offer – but builds trust as decision-makers compare their options. To be truly effective, content needs to be worth the time that leads invest in it. The most engaging content is informative, helpful, and useful in reaching business goals.

Here’s how you can ensure your content is truly engaging:

1.Be Original and Actionable

All content should be written or supervised by an expert in the subject. For content to truly showcase your value, it must be unique – search engines will not promote copied content.

In addition to representing your unique brand voice and insights, content should always suggest a course of action. It’s valuable to look at content in terms of audience needs:

Are you answering a burning question your leads have? Are you solving a problem that your leads worry about?

2.Make Your Content Visual

Text is the backbone of your blog, but visual elements are crucial to helping people remember exactly what they read. And the more they remember, the more likely they are to take action.

Illustrations and photographs are not only powerful in getting your message across but will also command more attention on social media. The best static illustrations are those that communicate information – infographics are the leading example of this.

Flagship content you want people to remember should also be complemented with video. Videos are so powerful, they make site visitors more likely to become customers even if they don’t actually watch the video content!

The 3 Secrets to Creating Engaging Content for B2B Marketing

3.Get Personal and Authentic

For a B2B brand, “authentic” means knowing what your values are and embodying them in your content. When buyers have to choose between products with similar features or price, they will turn to the company whose values resonate with them the most.

You can demonstrate those values by ensuring your content is imbued with the voices of your team members and clients – in the form of testimonials, reviews, and well-researched reports that reflect your experienced viewpoint.

As valuable as engaging content is, making sure that content is prepared for maximum performance is essential. Read our blog post 7 Ways to Optimize Content Marketing to learn how to get the most value from your content.