The 9 B2B Marketing KPIs You Need to Start Tracking

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a metric that clarifies the impact of your marketing. By tracking KPIs over time, you know which campaigns are performing well and see the impact of adjustments you make.

While it may be enough to follow social media engagement, website hits, and conversion rates in B2C, B2B enterprises must follow KPIs that evaluate each step of their sales and marketing funnels.

These nine KPIs are indispensable:

Marketing Qualified Leads are leads who have “raised their hand” and entered your marketing funnel through a voluntary conversion, such as joining your email subscriber list.

KPI: Customer Cash
Customer Cash measures changes in your portfolio arising from your customer retention efforts and churn, enabling you to hone in on marketing to your existing customers.

KPI: Conversions
A conversion is a specific, measurable, voluntary action by a lead that moves them toward the sale, or the sale itself. A digital marketing funnel may have many different conversion points.

KPI: Organic Traffic
Organic traffic usually refers to website traffic achieved as a result of search engine behavior that brings leads to your website.

KPI: Keywords
Keywords are specific words or phrases emphasized in your Search Engine Optimization strategy. Over time, your business should appear more frequently in searches that include these keywords.

KPI: Referring Domains
A referring domain is a top-level domain (e.g.: that sends traffic to your website through a link or ad. Over time, your number of referring domains should increase.

KPI: Cost-Per-Acquisition
CPA is the total cost to acquire one customer, either in a specific campaign or on a specific channel.

KPI: Conversion Rate
Conversion rate is the number of people who convert at a particular step in the marketing or sales funnel taken as a percentage of the total number of people who arrived at that step.

KPI: Search Impression Share
Search impression share is the number of impressions you receive on Google’s Search Network compared to the total you were eligible to receive, to optimize bidding in Google Ads.

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