What Is Remarketing & How Does It Generate Leads

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing focuses your valuable marketing dollars on the people most likely to interact with your brand – those who have done so before. Remarketing ads are shown exclusively to people who have visited your website in the past, whether they clicked on an ad, social media post, or a search result.

Remarketing ads can be customized based on the specific actions your prospect performed. For example, if your prospect read a variety of articles on the subject of cost reduction in their business, you can send an ad that encourages them to sign up for your free cost-reduction e-book.

How Does It Work?

Remarketing ads rely on a standard tracking cookie that the user receives when he or she visits your site. Not surprisingly, the biggest remarketing network in the world is part of Google Ads. Google provides the remarketing tag (also called a pixel) that allows its network to identify your users.

As users browse the Google Display Network, they can get customized ads based on their cookie status. New customers, those who have reached the shopping cart (cart abandonment), and those who bought from your website in the past might all receive different advertisements.

The driving force behind retargeting is the ability to stay connected to your target audience even after they leave your site. This can be combined with other relationship-building techniques, such as email marketing, to enhance brand affinity and drive repeat visits.

How Does It Create Leads?

Research by SEO software firm WordStream indicates that previous site visitors are two to three times more likely than the average user to click on your ads. Unlike many other types of ads, the “ad fatigue” caused by remarketing ads is low, and more impressions correlate to a higher clickthrough rate.

No matter what conversion activity you want to encourage, prospects you connect with through remarketing are more likely to do it. The most common form of the remarketing campaign focuses on cart abandonment, getting users who were already in the process of making a purchase to complete it.

AIMG can help you make remarketing ads part of your winning digital marketing strategy. Done right, remarketing means greater ad ROI and higher conversions throughout your sales funnel. To learn more about how we help industrial companies, contact us today.