What Are Call Analytics Platforms And What Are They Good For?

It’s a fact. Data drives continuous improvement in business. Unfortunately, many business telephone systems are “black boxes” that don’t output relevant data for performance measurement. Call analytics platforms are stepping up to fill in that gap.

Call tracking provides data from inbound calls, linking call activity to its origin on your website or ads. It ensures the maximum amount of data enters your CRM systems from each call.

This makes marketing and sales teams more nimble than ever. Here’s why so many industrial enterprises are adopting call analytics:


Marketing Attribution

Attribution – the specific sequence of cross-channel interactions that brought a lead to you – is one of the biggest mysteries in digital marketing. Call analytics enable clear attribution of calls, so they are especially useful for digital marketers using pay-per-click advertising.


More Unified Customer View

Call analytics enable data to be imported directly into Customer Relationship Management with every call. It also enriches data through better tag management and integration with the rest of your marketing technology stack. All of this fuels a more unified follow-up.


Persona and Lookalike Audience Building

By transcribing calls automatically, call analytics platforms to create data that can be analyzed with AI-driven decision engines to determine the characteristics of the most valuable callers or leads. This elevates the planning and execution of future marketing campaigns.


Greater Personalization

Call analytics platforms to work as a bridge between other marketing systems to more effectively surface key customer attributes. Demographic details, level of interest, buying stage, and the customer’s job role can all be captured to refine communication.


Higher Sales Staff Productivity

Call analytics can take the concept of lead scoring popular in modern CRMs and extend it into telephone interactions. Scoring can be performed automatically and refined over time based on actual results. Team members will know exactly where and when to follow up.


Better Overall Sales Results

When all is said and done, results count the most. Call analytics empower teams by ensuring the calls reach the right agents at the right times. With more effective outcome analysis, training and onboarding can also be improved.

New technology is changing the way marketing and sales are done at top industrial enterprises. To learn how AIMG gets you leading results, read about our marketing for industrial companies.