What Is Inbound Linking & How Can You Use It to Boost Leads?

There are many ways B2B businesses can increase leads and improve their customer base. One way is through inbound linking via online content. Inbound linking is easy to do and can produce excellent results when done correctly.

What is Inbound Linking?

Inbound linking is when a link to your website is included on other sites. Also known as backlinks, these handy site links direct traffic from other people’s websites right to your website. This increases web traffic to your site which can help you attract potential clients.

You can place inbound links on reputable websites in your industry, news sites, and other locations where the reader may show interest and follow the link to your website. This process can be completed by creating guest posts on other websites or having your company’s name or articles featured on news websites. These are just a few of the ways inbound linking can bring people to your website.

How Does Inbound Linking Help Create Leads?

Inbound linking helps create leads by bringing people to your website who might not have found it otherwise. Once on your website, these individuals can explore your products and services. When the site visitors are on your website, a casual site visitor may turn into a new customer for your business.

5 Ways to Use Inbound Linking

Interested in learning more about inbound linking to benefit your business? Here are five ways to use inbound linking:

1. Maintain a Company Blog

If you have a blog or want to create one, this is an excellent way to use backlinks to draw people to your website. Create informative content related to your industry and then add your website link into the blog content. This is a prime example of inbound linking.

2. Be a Guest Contributor

Another way to use inbound linking is to be a guest contributor on another website. You can post helpful content and then add a backlink directly to your business website. This is an easy way to draw in new potential customers and show them what your company has to offer.

3. Create Visual Content Related to Your Industry

Internet users enjoy visual content in addition to written content. Therefore, consider creating visual content such as infographics to draw people in and add your website link to the bottom of the infographic. Interested readers will want to learn more about your company, products, and services.

4. Create Free Webinars

You can also use inbound linking through informative webinars. Create free webinars related to your industry and be sure to add your website link to this helpful content.

5. Distribute Press Releases

Press releases offer another method to get people to view your website and company offerings. If you have any company news to share, post online press releases and share them with press release distribution sites if possible. Make sure you add your company’s website link to drive traffic from the press release to your website.

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