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Strategy + Buyer Persona Development

MCMA Buyer Personas Inform a Calculated Push for New Membership

Amplify leverages buyer personas for laser-focused, conversion-centric web development

The Motion Control and Motors Association (MCMA), an Amplify client since 2010, recently launched an initiative to drive more membership across all member types. Part of this initiative was a bottom-funnel revamp of their “Become A Member” website section where visitors converted into marketing qualified leads (MQL). Our client was already an authoritative resource in the industry, but they wanted to drive more membership to better serve the motion control and motors industry.


Business needs and priorities shift over time – value propositions need to change in-step. What captivated our client’s audience a few years ago was not necessarily captivating them today. Working together, we needed to find out not only what could motivate web visitors to become MQLs, but needed to do this for six distinct member types for an entirely new section of the website. We had to collaborate and find one concept that connected all their motivations for being a member, then apply this concept in a member-specific context that touched on the topics that would most entice them into becoming a member.


At the start of the relationship, we had sat down with our client to develop multiple buyer personas to inform the larger integrated marketing strategy. Over the years, as the industry changed and new technology emerged, these buyer personas were readdressed, updated and improved. It was these constantly evolving buyer personas that were consulted and expanded in the development of a new website section to drive new members.

Historical data was analyzed and combined with existing buyer persona knowledge to determine where the website section was underperforming, how it could more effectively motivate the different buyer personas to convert, and what would be initially prioritized for optimization. The scope of the project was laid out based on this deeper understanding of the problems with conversion rates.

Copy was created, alongside aesthetic and usability improvements, for pages dedicated to each buyer persona, including a main landing page for the section. All content and design was directly informed by the thorough knowledge of evolving buyer personas to create a highly relevant, engaging and motivating experience.


Our client received a completely redeveloped website section based on real data and buyer personas that lead directly to more lead generation.

This website section now more accurately reflects the value they provide to members, the service they provide to the industry and how prospective members benefit from joining. Deep insight from buyer personas, developed over several years, effectively drove the direction of the web development for a laser-focused, conversion-centric bottom-funnel website section.

We continue to work with MCMA on an ongoing integrated marketing initiative, of which the membership push was just one piece, widening sales funnels and updating buyer personas as the market changes.

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