AIMG | Accurate Imaging Completes Website Design for Global Financial Services Firm CFI Worldco

AIMG | Accurate Imaging recently launched the new corporate website design created for global financial services firm CFI Worldco, Inc.

Marketing to an international audience within English speaking markets, CFI Worldco was looking for a web presence that accurately represents their global image and accomplishments while visually identifying to their target audience groups their access capabilities to significant financial resources on a global scale.
The website design developed by AIMG accomplishes not only a professional look and feel, but is built on a flexible architecture that makes it easy for visitors to access what they are looking for and allows CFI Worldco to expand the site by adding new sections and as future needs demand.
AIMG provides custom website design and application services, as well as a customizable content management solution.

CFI Worldco, Inc. is a privately held US financial services firm with a large portfolio of private lenders from around the world. Established in 1988, CFI Worldco is a global leader processing funding requests both domestically and internationally.