AIMG | Accurate Imaging Designs Ecommerce Website

AIMG | Accurate Imaging recently launched the new ecommerce website www.MachineVisionClearance.comit designed for long time client Phase 1 Technology Corp.

It has always been Phase 1 Technology’s practice to conveniently stock certain items it knows that customers will need in the future as manufacturers no longer offer them. With the main corporate website geared toward promoting and marketing new and existing products, AIMG proposed an ecommerce website dedicated specifically to clearance items being warehoused by Phase 1 Technology in order to maintain the integrity and focus of the principle website.

The new ecommerce website targets only customers not yet ready to invest in new technology who wish to replace a discontinued item or expand their existing system with a compatible item. For fastest acquisition, customers can easily search for what they need and conveniently order online.

“The new clearance website is great,” remarks Rusty Ponce de Leon, President of Phase 1 Technology. “Customers love it because it is fast and easy for them to get what they’re looking for. Since they really don’t need any help from our sales staff, they can search and order quickly on their own.”

AIMG works with clients to develop flexible solutions to effectively promote and market their products and services both online and offline, including custom designed ecommerce website solutions.