AIMG | Accurate Imaging Develops Custom Website Application for The Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music

AIMG | Accurate Imaging worked once again for The Brookyn College Conservatory of Music to develop a web application for their newsletter Fermata Online. Having developed the original custom website application for, the conservatory’s official website, AIMG anticipated the need for expansion and enhanced functionality over time and built the application with a flexible architecture to accommodate growth.

An intuitive, easy to use application, the Fermata Onlinenewsletter tool enables Brooklyn Colllege’s website adminsitrators to add issues and articles online 24/7 through a secure login and post them live immediately or according to a specified publish date. Because the system allows Brooklyn College to assign different levels of access to administrative Users of the application, the conservatory is able to limit an administrator’s access exclusively to the management of Fermata Online without allowing access to other web page content.

Once a section, or issue, has been created, articles can be added to that issue by selecting it from the drop-down. The administrator can easily add a title, introductory description, and publication date to the newly created article. After adding content using the built-in copy editor, the article can be given a Sort order, assigned to a particular issue, and set to post by the Publication Date or remain Inactive. The built-in copy editor is a robust tool that allows for the addition of text, images, internal or external hyperlinks, tables, digital documents, and more. Limited design features allow for text color, size, font, styling and formatting, placement of images, links and documents, sizing and formatting of images, and even provides access to source code for advanced users. The Preview feature allows the adminsitrator to see what the newly created article will look like live and top make any adjustments before he sets it to Active.

On the public side, a site visitor simply click on the Fermata Online link, available in the main navigation, to get access to published issues and articles. Once an article is selected, it will open in its own screen for easy reading, displaying all the design and content features added by the BCMusic administrator.

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