AIMG | Accurate Imaging Designs Trade Show Booth Panels for Hose-McCann

AIMG | Accurate Imaging designed the trade show booth display panels for Hose-McCann Communications for WEST 2008, the largest trade show event on the West Coast for communications, electronics, intelligence, information systems, imaging, military weapon systems, aviation, shipbuilding, and more.

Preparations for a major showing at a trade show are generally hectic for clients. Working within tight deadlines, AIMG provided Hose-McCann with the support they needed to create and print the signs for their booth. Due to the size of the trade show booth panels, it was necessary to find a printer able to do the job for a reasonable price and rather quickly. AIMG conducted research and found a suitable printer for their south-Florida clients.

In order to keep the project cost-effective for the client, AIMG’s creative design team developed the imagery and layout for the trade show booth panels partially from re-purposed materials, including a tagline and marketing copy, developed by AIMG for earlier design projects for Hose-McCann. New imagery was also procured and used for the project.

AIMG designs and develops trade show booth displays, signage, banners, marketing sheet handouts, digital video and interactive media for impactful trade show and event presentations.