AIMG Designs New Website for New York IT Consulting Firm Donnelly & Moore

AIMG recently designed a new website for New York IT consulting and recruiting firm Donnelly & Moore. A recognized, highly respected company that continues to help Fortune 100 companies execute critical projects and strengthen existing teams, the client desired a website that aligned with their brand and the clientele they serve.

“A website not only functions to attract and convert target buyer personas, it also functions to represent the brand of the company and its products and services,” said Joe DeMicco, CEO & Founder of AIMG. Accurately representing your brand means making sure everything aligns with how you want it to be perceived. From the ‘look and feel,’ functionality, and usability of the website to all of its content, including messaging and images, every element must be strategically planned because it impacts a site visitor’s response. Working closely with our client on a very tight schedule, AIMG’s team developed a web design and website content that aligns their brand with the specific buyer personas they attract.”

In addition to custom content creation and a custom branded website design, AIMG incorporated conversion strategies to ensure motivated buyer personas can easily connect with the client. These include integrated contact forms on every page and strategically placed calls-to-action.

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