AIMG Develops New Lead Free Plumbing Section for

Working closely with long-time client Matco-Norca, AIMG developed and built a new lead free section of the website. Targeting plumbing supply wholesalers affected by Public Law 111-380, known as the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act, the new lead free section offers information about compliance, products, and transitioning. The new law comes into effect January 4, 2014.

“We recognized a timely opportunity for Matco-Norca,” said Craig Bickford, Senior Project Manager at AIMG. “Wholesale plumbing suppliers and resellers are dramatically affected by this new law and they are going to need help understanding and complying with it, as well as stocking the right products. Matco-Norca had already implemented measures to help customers on both the technical side and the customer service side. We developed and built the new lead free section to be a one-stop resource for wholesalers, providing enough technical information and sources to clarify the law, while demonstrating all the ways in which Matco-Norca is positioned to deliver verifiable lead free products that are certified. The new section clearly identifies Matco-Norca’s authority on the new law as well as demonstrates its ability to help customers with compliance.”

In addition to the design and build of the sections, AIMG researched and developed original copy pertaining to the new law as well as Matco-Norca’s lead free measures.

Matco-Norca is a leading wholesale supplier and manufacturer of plumbing supplies and specialties. It has been sourcing and manufacturing quality products for customers around the world for more than 60 years. For more information about Matco-Norca or to visit the lead free section of their website, visit