AIMG Rebrands Ecommerce Website for Lead Generation

AIMG recently built and rebranded a responsive ecommerce website for in2green, a sustainable home furnishing and accessories company. The build and rebrand started from scratch, meaning it required close collaboration with in2green through the entire process to ensure their values, their business model and their business goals were all reflected in the final product.

In2green said, “Innovation, Eco and High Design define the in2green mission.” AIMG knew this had to be the centerpiece of their new website and brand. Through close collaboration, AIMG developed a website design that defined the company’s brand and mission.

In doing so, AIMG had to take a deep dive into the various buyer personas of in2green. In other words, quite a bit of research had to take place behind the scenes, before a single page went live, to determine how exactly to connect on a deep level with their ideal customers.

Not only did the website establish in2green’s brand in the digital space, it was set up to be the most effective lead generation machine it can be. To do this, AIMG put their products front and center. In2green has a wide array of unique, innovative and high-end products that immediately catch the eye. AIMG understood this and incorporated it into the design in an effort to best entice and convince visitors to make purchases on the site.

The end result was a fully immersive, engaging and effective ecommerce website that established in2green’s mission, defined their brand and helped them reach their business goals through online lead generation.

You can view the in2green website here:

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