AIMG’s Local Marketing Div. Designs New Website for NC Restaurant

The local marketing division of the global marketing firm AIMG recently launched a new website it designed for Parrott Beach Restaurant and Bar of North Carolina. The local eatery, which boasts two locations, one in Monroe and the other in Troy, was looking for a cost effective web solution that captures the specific look and feel visitors experience when they walk into the restaurant.
As a start to their local marketing efforts to reach out to new customers and persuade them to visit the restaurant and bar, the new website features playful Caribbean music and tropical images that provide visitors with a joyful on-site experience as they look at photos, the menu, and learn more about the services the restaurant offers.
With the fun, new website designed by AIMG, Parrott Beach Restaurant and Bar can now engage in local marketing initiatives such as local search, social media, web directories, targeted third-party websites, online promotions, and online advertising, to expand their reach and attract both local and out-of-town clientele.
About Parrott Beach Restaurant and Bar
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