Amplify Completes Successful Event Marketing for North America’s Broadest Automation Show

Automate 2019 is the broadest showcase of automation technology in North America, bringing together fields as diverse as robotics, vision systems, motion control, and artificial intelligence. The Association for Advancing Automation (A3), who is in charge of putting on this biennial show, worked with Amplify to drive event registrations from an international audience.

“The Automate show is one of the most exciting automation shows in the country when it rolls around every two years,” said Joe DeMicco, Founder and CEO of Amplify. “Automate 2019 was relevant to a very wide audience on the international stage. To drive more attendance than ever before, we had to reach a massive audience while driving targeted conversions in highly structured campaigns. This required novel new ways to facilitate registrations.”

Amplify promoted Automate 2019 heavily through paid and social channels to precisely target key demographics, while advanced advertising techniques were used to retroactively geofence strategic locations and serve ads to highly relevant audiences. Further, express registration methods were created to capture more conversions from mobile traffic, while several digital resources were created, such as countdown widgets, email generators, graphic generators, and more. Amplify worked closely with exhibitors to create videos inviting people to come to the show and created several promotional videos to promote the show. During the show, extensive resources were gathered for future marketing purposes, and the digital foundation of Automate 2021 was put in place on the last day of the 2019 conference.

“Automate 2019 was a huge success,” said DeMicco. “There were more attendees at this show than ever before. Both our paid and organic promotional techniques were quantifiable and proven to drive thousands of conference registrations. A number of new and unique solutions were deployed. Our ability to measure and monitor these methods, while adapting to what was working in terms of conversions, allowed us to drive record-breaking attendance.”

Automate 2019 featured the latest cutting-edge automation technology and was the biggest and most exciting show to date.

You can see the Automate Show website here:

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